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concerning the actual power of Love. It stands at the
heart of the greatest problems with which the ancient
^Hebrews had to wrestle and in the course of the
Scriptures it makes its development with the majesty
of an orchestral theme. By the very method of taking
catastrophe at its most malevolent, by watching evil
reach its greatest arrogance, by seeing history at its
worst, the men of religious insight came to rock bottom
and discovered what it was that remained undefeatable
and what it was that could still be done even in a world
where the darkness seemed complete. In the picture
of Ihe Suffering Servant we see Israel suffering for all
mankind; but when the Gentiles shall hear of it and
realise the truth, the very knowledge of what has hap-
pened shall move them—the very spectacle will be a
thing to move the nations to penitence. In the life of
Christ it is the very defeat that brings the victory, and
the very powerlessness that is the source of power, y.•
Here is the last safety-valve that Providence offers
within human history itself, when thl forces of evil
seem to have sealed up the outlet to any other hope.
When power is at its most implacable and self-righteous-
ness is at its stiffest there is an extreme point where only
Love can still fight and it can only fight with the weapons
of non-resistance. If the might of brutal dictatorships
were ever to reach the most terrible degree that the
imagination has conjectured, if totalitarian systems
•clamped themselves down upon the whole human race,
this would be the only hope left; but, after whatever
delays and sufferings, sooner or later the same magic
would come into operation again, provided J3instians